Beach Boys of Laiya

On January 31, 2014, me and few of my friend planned a sudden trip to Laiya, Batangas. It’s a one of the thousand beach of Batangas. This post is more of little discoveries in the beach then the beach itself.

Don't let me go

Most of the time I was busy visiting the beach and walking around the Blue Coral beach. While returning back to home just before evening came through these sweet kids. They were flying kites. I tried to take some natural photo of them, but when they noticed me they are bit quizzical to see “Why the hell in this guy is taking our photos !!!”. I tried to talk to them with some chocolate greetings (Now-a-days I am carrying these).

Go away

I don’t know much Tagalog but somehow was able to ask them officially for a photo. Even though I am kinda interrupting their play, still they agreed to pose for me.

Well ...

I was really excited to see the result when I came back from the trip. I liked the result. Let me know your view also.

Enjoy the photos.