100 Strangers : Stranger No. 3

Stranger No. 3

Here comes my stranger no. 3. His name is Lito (hopefully I heard it correctly). He is food server at the hidden garden in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. He lives at Vigan and he loves his job.


When I saw him first, he came to take the order with the usual menu card (which was pretty heavy .. may be heavier than the actual food) with lots of Ilocano food varieties. He is a guy with good physic and in Tagalog they call it “Pogi” (handsome) and friendly too. After asking about his name I asked him immediately (You know .. you should not let go the chance) if I can take a photo of him; without saying a word he posed for me right away.

I choose Longganisa and Halo Halo for breakfast as I was not too hungry and 7 am is too early for me for breakfast (I end up eating a lot actually). Now here is the funny part – I was staying in Philippines close to an year and strangely that is the first time I tried Halo Halo. It’s a very popular dessert in Philippines with the mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, jelly, corn and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl.

Halo Halo

Another interesting fact about “Halo Halo” is in Tagalog (Filipino local language) and if you translate in English it is “Mix Mix” – Isn’t this funny ? I just loved the name (both version) and the taste of the dessert. Don’t miss it if you are in Philippines.


100 Strangers : Stranger No. 2

Stranger No. 2

My Stranger no. 2 is Paaney. She is from Manila and she was selling fruits in the open market of Quiapo. When I asked her for a photo, she agreed immediately. I took this photo, while walking inside the market and looking for my next stranger.

100 Strangers Project Damn! This is getting tough day by day. I used my newly purchased Tokina 11-16mm for this photo. Yes I know this might not be the right lens for the portrait photography but I have 1 camera body only and sometimes it’s pretty difficult to change the lens in the middle of the open market. I liked the framing of this photo. Hope you will like it too.


100 Strangers : A Photography Project

Inception : Stranger No. 1

It’s been a long, really long time (more than a month) since I posted here in my blog. Well, shooting did not stop though. Visited few places, visited so many photos in various websites. Let’s just say, things were bit on the slower side. Planned to post on something in past few weeks but somehow did not get that going.

So last Monday I was thinking to assign myself with some photography project. Now in last few days I have grown more love with street portraits, which is entirely because of some spectacular images I have seen in internet.

I have seen so many photography projects in internet, I choose to start with 100 strangers. The main aim of this project is to start learning the street portraits, to get the better understanding of  exposure, subject and basics of portrait photography.

So here I am. My stranger no. 1 is Martin. I discovered him at Quiapo, Manila. I gently ask Kuya if I can take his photo for my new project. To be very frank he did not understand about my project anyways, but he agreed with a nice little smile and pose for my camera. He is basically from Tacloban, Philippines and selling cigarettes in Quiapo market place.

The best thing I like about about this photo is, he is not looking at the camera while posing. Well done Kuya 🙂 and I am really proud to include you in my project.

100 Strangers Project

Will try to get original Nikon color from now on, calibrating the camera setting in Lightroom. Took this photo in manual mode with wide open 40mm 2.8. To me color came out pretty nice.

What you think ? Are you also planning to do some photography project like this ? Let’s discuss 🙂