The Bright Side

This photo is basically almost 2 years old. I was located in Bangalore at that time.

The Bright Side

In the March 2012, I visited a village near by Mysore, which is 3-4 hours drive from Bangalore city. I was so thirsty and somehow lost my water bottle. I went to small tea shop nearby and this guy helped me with some cold & fresh coconut water, well that’s a relief. I had an wonderful conversation with him. After few minutes I requested a picture of him, he has agreed but he was shy.

While taking his snap he covered his side face with bare hand. Its  He was laughing and so am I. Technicality apart, the photo has good amount of noise. But the expression of the guy is very natural. He might be poor but he has a beautiful bright side. He is a hard working person, running a small shop all day long to feed his family. The photo has been taken using my kit Nikon 18-55 AFS VR, F/5.6 at the focal length of 55mm.

God Bless him.

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